No Limit Holdem Poker Strategy

No Limit Hold’em Poker Pre-Flop Betting Strategy AA Poker Hand Playing When playing the AA’s in Texas Holdem Poker, We recommend pre-flop betting at least 25% of what the largest chip holder has. Most often when you see AA lose a hand, it was because it was bet improperly or the person was a short stack and got outdrawn. You want some action with this hand, but only from players with comparable hands. Not betting properly, can result in a loss to a much weaker hand like Q-J suited or even a weak pair like 3-3. The only time you may want to try to slow-play (not bet the proper amount) is when you are really short stacked and must get a lot of action to make up ground. KK, QQ, AK(suited) It’s recommend pre-flop betting of at least 20% of what the largest chip holder has. You want to leave a little room to sniff out the AA if possible. If someone goes All-in ahead of you, try to determine what they have, a huge smirk or a person who won’t look at you may define the AA. If you need the money, play, if not we know it is hard but consider folding. The odds of a lower pair beating a higher pair is about 1 out of 4.5. JJ, AK (off suite), AQ(suited), AJ (suited) It’s recommend pre-flop betting of at least 10% of what the largest chip holder has. Keep in mind that if someone has bet this amount or more into you, you may want to just call. If you raise, they may go all-in against you. In hindsight, it will have cost you a lot of chips to assume that you were beat. You will almost force yourself to call and get lucky. 10-10, K-Q(suited), A-10 (suited) It’s recommend a bet of no less than 5% of the largest chip holder. A raise back into you may signify a better hand but for a a reasonable amount, you can see the flop. Other Top 20 Hands You may want to raise just a small amount to see what is out there. A small raise at this point could buy you the pot, or keep you from getting eliminated by a slow play. It is very, very difficult to slow play the top 5 hands so when the person gets a second opportunity to raise, they usually can’t contain themselves so they raise very big.

If you know you are beat, fold. Weak Pairs and Suited Connectors It’s recommend calling only if you in a later position on the table. After the flop, fold if there is nothing developing. Other No Limit Holdem Information Keep track of your poker chip investment. Don’t let yourself invest a lot in pots only to find you didn’t catch your straight or flush. In many cases, if you do catch a straight or flush with weaker cards, it still won’t be the best hand. Represent your poker hand . If Q, Q, 5, comes up on the flop and there is only one or two people in the hand with you, buy all means you may want to represent that you have a Q or a higher pair with a reasonable bet. In fact, the times you bluff successfully, will most often be how properly you represented your hand and how good you are at determining that no-one else had the Q. Going All-In When to Bet All-In. If you have a very good hand or the best possible hand, aslo known as (THE NUTS) , you want to make it as profitable as possible. At the same time, it is important that you are aware of the ramifications of your actions. If you have AA in the hole and the flop is (A of spades, Poker Strategy – K of spades, 10 of hearts), it would be unwise for you to slow down from your pre flop bet, in fact in this case it is best to go all-in, therefore making the other player go all-in on the flush or straight draw may get them to fold before they catch. However, if they have a flush and a straight draw, they will most likely call. They may have a lot of OUTS(ways to catch and beat you) but you have all of the other cards that don’t help them aka THE ODDS in your favor. In fact, we never recommend going all in unless the odds are in your favor. Getting Someone to Bet into you . If you have the nuts or a very strong hand and know that you cannot be outdrawn, it is important that you know how to entice other players to bet into you. If you raised pre flop, you will most likely need another player to catch something in order to build the pot. If you flop the nut boat or flush, you can check after the flop, if someone behind you bet and or raises, call. After the turn card comes up, see if there is another flush or open ended straight draw, if there is, bet modestly as anyone on a draw at that point will be more than likely convinced they will catch the nuts if they get their card. Hopefully the card comes up and you can go all in and be certain that they will call you. A Good Fold .

They say a good fold is worth 10 good bets. Feel the people, sense the cards. Don’t get married to you AQ or even AK suited, if you think your beat, you will be right about 90% of the time. FOLD!!! Pot Odds. Don’t Fold If The Pot Makes Sense As a general poker strategy, you should consider pot odds at all times during each hand. For example, the odds of catching an inside straight on the river are roughly 4 cards out of 46 unseen rounded to about one 1 out of 12. Therefore if the bet is $10 to you, there should be at least $120 or more in the pot to justify doing so. If you were on a flush draw, your basic odds are 9 out of 48 or roughly 1 out of 6. Therefore there should be at least $60 or more in the pot for you to pay $10 to see the river card. Most of the time, flush draws make sense though pot odds. However, it is the one or two out cards at 24 to 1 or even 47 to 1 draws that one must take much more caution before calling. Considering this it is often not wise to try to catch and inside straight flush, unless of course there is a bad beat jackpot offered. In Limit holdem, there are often pots odds so it makes sense to try to catch more hands. However, in No Limit holdem, you could lose your whole stack trying to catch a flush on the river. Even though your odds are basically 1 of 6, it won’t be very often you will make 6 times your money on a large all in bet or call. Advanced Poker Strategy One of the most important things you can do considering poker strategy in Holdem and No Limit Holdem is gain respect. You can do this by starting out playing very tight or only the top 15 hands. When you are in the pot until the end, show your great starting cards whether you won or lost. This will let the other players know that you only play good cards. By gaining respect of the other poker players, you will open up an opportunity to steal some pots later through some good bluffing. As the game goes on, people will believe that you must have good cards and will look for reasons to fold against you. Especially if you have a good sized stack and haven’t lost too many pots you’ve played. Therefore, do whatever you can to gain respect as it will win you pots.