Limit Holdem Poker Strategy

Limit Hold’em Poker Strategy Limit Holdem players will most often play much different than No Limit Holdem players because it is much more difficult to bluff people out. Because of this fact, in Limit Holdem many hands won’t be decided until the river card is exposed where as in No Limit Holdem often a winner is decided before the flop or turn card comes up. In limit holdem, the winning hand more often comes down to who gets lucky on the river . Since this is most often the story at the casinos, your best playing style will probably be tight. You can refer to the top for our suggested pre flop bets. At this time, you should also note that in low limit holdem, often KQ, QJ, and J-10 suited play much better than they normally would in NL holdem. Again this is because the winner of the hand is often not determined until the river card. Your Button Position In The Game Poker Strategy – When you are on the button or close to the button in texas holdem, you could gain the opportunity to be the last person to act or bet. This advantage is huge when a strange flop comes up because those in front of you with AK, AQ, AJ or 33 may check. Therefore, sometimes a small bet will often win you the pot and who knows, maybe you caught something to match your mediocre cards. However, please note that with a weak bet, many if not most players will stay with thier AK, AQ, A anythinng, and small pairs if they think they can out draw you for cheap. This is a good time for us to mention representing your cards. If you bluffing, you certainly need to represent that you have the cards you want the other players think you may have. If you misrepresent, it could cost you all of your chips. When you are in the blinds You can play some weaker hands. This is because you will almost always have pots odds and many times, it will cost you very little to see the flop. Therefore you can play 2-3 suited, 6-7 suited, or even 6-8 suited and justify doing so. If you are in front of the blinds Play tight or just the top 15 starting hands. This will keep you from wasting a lot of bets when one or two people behind you raise and just can’t call with you pair of 2’s for that kind of money. Unless of course there is a bad beat jackpot offered. If you’re in the middle If your in the middle of the poker table, pay plenty of attention to the people in back of you. If they all look like they are going to fold, go ahead and play some moderate hands. In this case if no players are in front of you, it may be best to raise. It will help you figure out what someone has behind plus it will help get those behind you out and keep the blinds from playing very weak hands. No matter what flops, you should bet or raise if you raised pre flop unless you know your walking into certain doom. Sometimes, raising if there is one player in front of you will entice everyone else to fold. People will assume that he has a decent hand and will assume you have an even better hand. Again, make sure you raise no matter what flops as long as the person in front of you doesn’t bet a lot… unless of course, you hit a great hand. Pot Odds. Don’t Fold If The Pot Makes Sense As a general poker strategy, you should consider pot odds at all times during each hand. For example, the odds of catching an inside straight on the river are roughly 4 cards out of 46 unseen rounded to about one 1 out of 12.

Therefore if the bet is $10 to you, there should be at least $120 or more in the pot to justify doing so. If you were on a flush draw, your basic odds are 9 out of 48 or roughly 1 out of 6. Therefore there should be at least $60 or more in the pot for you to pay $10 to see the river card. Most of the time, flush draws make sense though pot odds. However, it is the one or two out cards at 24 to 1 or even 47 to 1 draws that one must take much more caution before calling. Considering this it is often not wise to try to catch and inside straight flush, unless of course there is a bad beat jackpot offered. In Limit holdem, there are often pots odds so it makes sense to try to catch more hands. However, in No Limit holdem, you could lose your whole stack trying to catch a flush on the river. Even though your odds are basically 1 of 6, it won’t be very often you will make 6 times your money on a large all in bet or call. Advanced Poker Strategy One of the most important things you can do considering poker strategy in Holdem and No Limit Holdem is gain respect. You can do this by starting out playing very tight or only the top 15 hands. When you are in the pot until the end, show your great starting cards whether you won or lost. This will let the other players know that you only play good cards. By gaining respect of the other poker players, you will open up an opportunity to steal some pots later through some good bluffing. As the game goes on, people will believe that you must have good cards and will look for reasons to fold against you. Especially if you have a good sized stack and haven’t lost too many pots you’ve played. Therefore, do whatever you can to gain respect as it will win you pots.